This course is an introduction to the structural analysis.The following areas are covered: types of structures and loads; statically determinate structures, trusses, beams, and frames; internal loading developed in structural members; computation of deflections; analysis of statically indeterminate structures by force method; approximate analyses.

Description: Engineering applications of the physio-chemical properties of materials, and their structural behavior; test principles and methods applied to concrete, steel, wood, aluminum, asphaltic and other construction materials; failure analysis; specifications. Two one-hour lectures and one three-hour laboratory per week.

Purpose: This course is designed to give students in Civil Engineering an understanding of the materials used for construction. This knowledge is of paramount importance in order to establish the relationship between material properties and the overall behavior of a structure. The need for compliance with current standards and specifications for materials is also stressed in the course.

This laboratory brings hands-on experience to the students and complements the knowledge obtained in INCI 4035 - Civil Engineering Materials course.