Welcome to Women and Work, a course that explores the processes, ideas, issues and events that shape women’s paid and unpaid work in the U.S., Puerto Rico and around the world. Too often women’s work is invisible and undervalued, creating bias in our knowledge of history, geography, economics, politics, and social change.  By developing students’ capacity to contextualize specific workplace problems, within larger international gender-related trends in ideologies, industries, and initiatives taken by labor/ women’s/ resistance movements, this course seeks to increase students’ awareness of their shared personal and social responsibility to foster gender equality in both the workplace and the household.  The information and concepts you learn in this course will help you to have a more balanced view of women’s work. In addition, the course is designed to help students understand the impact of gender on work as you build careers, families, and communities. It also studies contemporary issues and problems facing women in roles as organizational leaders and managers.  It is appropriate for both women and men