In this course, we will examine the literary production of Puerto Rican authors/artists in English in the 20th and 21st centuries whose works have primarily been published in the United States, and who are generally, but not exclusively, first or second generation descendants of individuals who migrated to the United States during the Puerto Rican diaspora of the 1950s. At this time, due to Operation Bootstrap policies instituted in Puerto Rico in the period Luis Muñoz Marín served as governor, Puerto Ricans were actively encouraged and frequently compelled to migrate to the United States in order to secure enhanced economic opportunities.  We will therefore examine the various textual productions of these authors/artists in the United States in order to consider the ways in which these texts communicate the particular contexts of Puerto Rican lives lived outside of Puerto Rico, and how Puerto Rican identities were – and continue to be – shaped in this context, as well as by dynamic patterns of circular migration.